WRCS Residential Hall

Home Away From Home

We are so excited to have you as part of the dorm program. It’s going to be another awesome wonderful year! We always have fun, laugh and we learn together. We have the best Residential Staff who are caring and understanding.,

Staff Contact # (928) 652-3251 ext. 121
Residential Manager ext. 120

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Daily & Weekly Activities Include: After-school Tutoring, Navajo Culture & Language, Behavior Counseling Intervention (BASE Program), Life-Skill & Guidance Lessons, Career Opportunities, Sports & Intramurals Activities, Health Activities, Zumba, Aerobics, Dinner & Movie Trips, Cook-outs, Dances, Computer Lab, Literacy Night, Monthly & End of the Year Trips; etc

Dorm Schedule

The Wide Ruins Community School Residential Department is open Sunday through Friday during the school academic year as approved by the school governing Board. The Residential Department is closed on Weekends, Holidays, and School Fall & Spring Break. The WRCS Residential Department is open only when students occupy the building. Dorm Opens Sunday at 3:00PM unless there is a Holiday then the dorm will be open until on a Monday. Parents are responsible to transport their child to the dorm on Sundays; however, students will be transported home on Fridays

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Handbook & Discipline Rule

WRCS Residential Hall has a Student/Parent Handbook that provides information for students and parents about the residential program’s expectations and guidelines. After receiving the handbook please read and review the handbook to understand the residential policies and procedures.

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WRCS Residential Program follows the “Character Count” Rules.

*Be Trustworthiness
* Be Respectful
* Be Responsible
* Be Fair
* Be Caring
* Show Citizenship, follow directions.

The goal is to help your child be a great student and a great person. With everyone’s Support our children will succeed